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The ribbon is composed of wavy ribbon, die-directed baffle and guide strip on the conveyor belt, so these parts of the die should be designed separately. The die section of rubber products with guide strip guide strip. It plays a guiding and positioning role in the working process of conveyor belt.
Transverse baffle
There are two types of transverse baffles. One is suitable for tilt 39. T-type baffle conveyed below. One is suitable for tilting 40. Above the conveyor C baffle. At present, tilt 39 is widely used in China. The following T-type transverse baffle has the characteristics of corrugated edge, greater flexibility when it works, which can reduce the stress concentration at the stress point; moreover, the belt has high pressure resistance, good stability, good self-cleaning effect and excellent wear resistance.
Waveform baffle
Because of the complex geometry of waveform baffle, the design and processing of die cavity are very difficult, so we adopt insert combined structure. The feature of this structure is that the exhaust gas can be eliminated when the products are taken out from the die-pressing process and vulcanization moulding. In addition, when the cavity is worn or damaged, it is easy to repair. The insert can be replaced by a single insert to save labor. Firstly, we design the mosaic - upper mode waveform strip and lower mode waveform strip. The waveforms of the two strips should be symmetrical, and the smoothness should be the same. Then the two strips should be fastened on the upper and lower dies with screws respectively. The matching size between the lower die cavity and the upper and lower die strips is strictly required. If the closing gap is too large, the mosaic gap will cause waste edges, which will affect the quality of the product and cause the loss of rubber. Therefore, we hope that the smaller the insertion gap, the better, we choose H7h/` cooperation. In addition, because there is a problem of longitudinal positioning in the lower die, so we add positioning die on the lower die, fasten it with screw, and then insert it into the lower die cavity together with the lower die, and fix it with screw.
In order to eliminate the air in the cavity, holes (aperture is Pa) are drilled at a certain distance at the bottom of the lower cavity. In engineering, the shrinkage of vulcanized rubber of 410x1200 E-type sulphur 3.1 is approximated by the difference between the volume of rubber needed for parts of common products and the volume of parts and the ratio of the volume of parts. The shrinkage of vulcanized rubber is expressed approximately as follows: V, V, in-, corpse 1 = X100% V2, K-rubber shrinkage; V; - cavity volume; VZ-part volume. Contraction rate is related to many factors, and empirical data are usually used in engineering. Because of the different gum types and K value, the K value of pure gum is larger and the K value of sandwich gum is smaller. Since our products are pure rubber, K-2%. 32 die cavity design shrinkage rate is determined in the above design. When the main linear dimensions of the cavity are determined according to the following formula: D, =(1+K) 22, DM-die cavity size; 22-product part design drawing size.
Mouth Design of Product Parts
In engineering, the shape of rubber mouths is related to many factors. There are no fixed formulas and principles in the design of mouths, but only through experience to design and determine.
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