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  If you need to accurately determine the performance of the gas through the rubber conveyor belt, you can use the gas to make the rubber not expand or corrode, and make the constant pressure stable on the surface of the sample. The basic method is as follows. You can refer to the previous operation of rubber belt steel ball pressing to determine the detailed operation method than before:
  The main points of operation are that we need to keep the air chamber at a constant temperature. It is a round sample, which is divided into high pressure side and low pressure side. The high pressure side can keep the gas reservoir at a constant pressure. The low pressure side has small volume. The instruments, measuring equipment and constant temperature equipment of the air chamber. The air chamber is a peripheral clamping device that can send samples under closed conditions, The high side and the high accuracy of the barometer, the difficulties in the application of the low-pressure end and the pictures of porous hard glue easy to ventilate, the filling space of sintered microporous materials such as stainless steel discs, keep the internal volume minimum, and support specimen deformation, the low-pressure side is the total number of cavities connected to the capillary reference scale line through the detachable connector, which should not exceed the specified size, In the constant temperature equipment, the constant temperature bath can be used or the difference between the room air temperature and the test temperature can be kept within ± 0.5 ℃, and the standard test temperature of the equipment is 23 ℃.
  If you want the test conditions to be close to the use temperature, you can generally choose from the following temperatures: 40 years old, 55 years old, 70,85100125150175200225 and 250 ℃. For any specified test or comparative test, the allowable temperature deviation is ± 0.5 ℃. You can directly cut or vulcanize the rubber products from the film. If there is an annular groove air chamber, the edge of the sample mold of both sides should be annular rib, Therefore, the corresponding fixed air chamber of the ring groove is a plane specimen.
  The sample can be clamped in the middle through the appropriate standard butyl rubber "O" type person, and fixed in the ventilation room to maintain tension. In order to ensure the air tightness, the clamping surface is in the air room, and few vacuum grease is allowed, but the effective sample surface may not have oil. The thickness gauge of the effective sample surface, accurate to 0.02mm, takes the arithmetic average of 6 points, As the thickness value of the sample, the thickness value of each point shall not exceed 10% of the average thickness value. Use a vertically installed penetration tool to inject an appropriate amount of capillary liquid, and then turn the handle to adjust the height of the liquid level of the container higher than the capillary reference range to close the bypass.
  半月板和基准校准横切,开始记录时间与半月板移动相应的距离,在测试的过程中,随时调整液体瓶的高度,保持平衡液面两侧的毛细管,透气性达到稳态时,大约每2分钟记录一个相应的距离半月板一般5 - 6次,测试时间为10小时,测试后,本文通过对半月板移动距离和时间参数的研究,得出了橡胶输送带的透气性与输送带的准确关系曲线。
  The meniscus and the benchmark calibration crosscut start to record the time and the corresponding distance of meniscus movement. During the test, adjust the height of the liquid bottle at any time to keep the capillary on both sides of the liquid level balanced. When the air permeability reaches the steady state, record a corresponding distance every 2 minutes, generally 5-6 times. The test time is 10 hours. After the test, In this paper, through the study of the moving distance and time parameters of the meniscus, the accurate relationship curve between the permeability of rubber conveyor belt and conveyor belt is obtained.




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